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How to: my shampoo

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to tell you about my hair; how I wash it, with which shampoo… I’ll give you tips to get well-nourished, hydrated hair!

First, I’m going to explain you step by step how I do my shampoo. I do it every other day, it takes about 45 minutes.

Here below my nutritive shampoo, for (very) dry hair. I buy it in pharmacy. This KLORANE shampoo is made with mango butter, smells very good! Its formula is truly beneficial for your hair.


After washing my hair, I wring it with a towel. Then I apply a nutrient mask, keratinous. Keratin is recognized for nutritional benefits. It must be put on tips and lenghts. (If your hair isn’t so dry, I recommend to not use it at every shampoo.) This one is from the Nutritive range of KERASTASE. Their products are really effective and quality.


Tip: If your hair is excessively fine, you can take bear yeast tablets. It will thicken your hair! I’ve never tried this before, but I heard that it worked well… (grandmother’s trick)

I use to leave to stand for about 5 minutes. Then I rinse my hair.

During summer, I do shampoo every day (because of sea salt and chlorine), so I don’t use a mask, but an antiwear cement. It’s lighter. It’s also from KERASTASE, but here it’s from the Resistance range.


I use to untangle my hair with a brush, from tips to lenghts. Always start from the bottom of your hair, for not doing nodes. This is the brush I use:


After untangled my hair, I dry it with my hair dryer. I don’t do this every time, because it could damage my hair. This one is from the brand REMINGTON by Dessange.


Now you know all about my shampoo! Soon you’ll discover hairstyles I like to wear…

To maintain my haircut, I go to my hairdresser Dessange, every two months. They are very professional and I recommand.

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See you for more articles!


1 comment on “How to: my shampoo

  1. Le shampoing Klorane à l’air pas mal du tout. Je vais voir ce que ça vaut sur cheveux bouclés 🙂
    Kerastase j’avais essayé la gamme Oleo Relax, j’ai pas trouvé ça extraordinaire.


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