New York, New York

Hello everyone!

Holidays are coming and we can already share our summer destination! Let me introduce mine: it’s a big city, with a lot of skyscrapers, it’s a meeting place of culture, art and fashion, …this is (drum roll)… New York!

I am very attracted by this city, its communicative energy, its power, its style, its vintage shops…! I’m so excited to visit, it’s my first time in NYC! If you planned to visit a big city during holidays and you don’t know how to pack, this article may be helpful!

Your suitcase should contain essentials such as a camera, sunglasses, a pair of comfortable sneakers, a tube of sunscreen, light t-shirts, shorts, a small shoulder bag and of course a handy city guide!

Tip: Do not overfill your suitcase with too many clothes, consider your potential future purchases!

  • Your camera

It musn’t be to bulky neither too heavy, compact and with a good image quality. If you don’t want to bring a real camera, your Iphone will be a good alternative!

Canon SX700 HS

Fujifilm instax mini 8
  • Sunglasses

Have fun with your sunglasses: choose by colorful and funny shapes! Exit traditionnal sunglasses! Today we prefer originality, it will bring a trendy touch to your outfit. Round, tortoiseshell, oversize or square, there is only one word: dare!

>>> Which one is your favorite?

  • Comfortable shoes

You can not claim from visiting a big city without a pair of comfortable sneakers or sandals. Moreover, sneakers are one of the most highest trends from this Spring-Summer. We prefer the classy, minimalist shoes to be stylish while walking along the street.

Burberry Prorsum
MICHAEL Michael Kors 
Michael Kors
  • Small bag

An other essential you have to bring: a small shoulder bag or backpack. It is very useful and practical, you’ll have free hand to take pictures, and if you wear the shoulder it can avoid pitpockets. Small bags are the season must-have, they’re so cute!

>> Which one do you prefer?

  • some basic clothes to bring…

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Don’t forget your city guide: you can find the best places to visit in the city and attractions, the best of restaurants and the most trendy shops!

City Guide Louis Vuitton, New york - City Guides Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton city guide
Travel Book New York,  Jean-Philippe Delhomme  - City Guides Louis Vuitton
New York Louis Vuitton travel book

Do not hesitate to make me share in the comments your holiday destination!

Enjoy your holidays!



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  1. Coralie

    Ton article et hyper bien continu comme sa !💗✨

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