Greenwich village & others

Hi guys!

It’s been 4 days since I am in New York and I gotta say that this city is really AMAZING! I’m very busy since I’m there, that’s why I didn’t post anything last week. There’s so much things to see and to do!

Today I went to Meatpacking District (in South-West Manhattan) to walk down the High Line. High Line is a path build on an old Railway that once used to transport pastures to the slaughterhouses of Meatpacking District! It goes from 34th St to 14th St, so it ends nearby Greenwich Village.

Thanks to the High Line, Meatpacking District has become a very nice neighborhood. I really like the atmosphere of this district, you can see students as well as old persons or young children, it’s so friendly! There is also a lot of Street Art around Chelsea and Meatpacking, that contrasts with the old red brick buildings of the district. I love this mix of vintage and modernity!

I had lunch at a great Japanese food restaurant: Morimoto. It’s located at Chelsea Market, on 10th avenue. You know how much I LOVE japanese food, and this restaurant really deserves to be known. I took the « NYC restaurant week menu » at $25, that is a very good value. Products are fresh and well cooked. I had the « sushi combo » and the « black sesame profiteroles » for dessert. If you want to go to Morimoto, you should book before or you are not sure to get a table.

Sushi assortment, miso soup, sesame greenery, sesame beans, cucumber salad
Black sesame profiteroles, strawberry sorbet and fresh strawberries

See you for more news from NYC!



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