Soho, Chinatown & Little Italy

Hi guys!

I think Soho is one of my favorite district in New York. Let me tell why: first, I like the mid-high redbrick and high ceiling buildings, typically New York! And secondly, I like Soho for its beautiful boutiques, so chic and pretty! Jeans, shoes, bags… Soho is THE meeting place for fashionistas!

Close to the very elegant Soho, Chinatown is a crowded area filled with street vendors, cheap shops and inexpensive Chinese restaurants. There is a lot of tourists on Canal St, the main street of Chinatown.

Chinatown is located near the (very) tiny Little Italy. There is not so much to see: the area is reduced to one single street. But you can stop at a caffé and enjoy delicious cannoli, an Italian specialty! Those of Caffé Palermo, on Mulberry St, are simply the best I’ve ever eaten!

Caffé Palermo’s Cannolo

However, if you look for a change of scenery, Chinatown and Little Italy are the places to be!

If you want a total escape, you should go to Danji, a fabulous Korean restaurant in Midtown. The food is absolutely delicious, and you’ll enjoy it even more if you take the « Tasting Menu ». Each dish is very tasty, and spicy for some of them. Every ingredients are fresh and healthy. Here are the pictures of the menu for 4 persons…

Crunchy tofu, TO DIE FOR!!!
Spicy « k.f.c » korean fire chicken wings
Bulgogi beef sliders, so DELICIOUS!

Danji, 346 W 52nd St, 10019 NY

See you soon!



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