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Natural make-up

Hello ladies!

One of the main beauty trends currently is (as you know) the no-makeup. In fact, it is to give the illusion of a natural beauty, by wearing a very discreet, inconspicuous make-up. It looks simple, but yet, it is not that easy. So here is the recipe for a successful no-makeup!

  1. A healthy skin

The key to success (for any makeup) is a fresh and healthy skin. What is very important is to clear your skin morning and evening. Then apply a moisturizer or rehydrating serum. I advise you to apply regularly a regenerating mask. For a healthier looking skin, sleep is also very important: better you’ll sleep, better your skin will be!

2. A perfect complexion

Before applying your foundation, you can put a foundation basis, to facilitate the application of makeup and extend its hold on your skin.

Pore MinimizerDiorskin Nude BB Creme TOP SECRETS HYDRATANT ÉCLAT INSTANTANÉ Anti-Cernes

Dior pore minimizer, Dior BB cream, YSL top secrets, YSL concealer.

3. A healthy glow

A little blush on the cheeks for a velvety effect of lightness…

DiorblushDIORBLUSH CHEEK STICK - Automne 2015 Edition Limitée

DiorBlush, DiorBlush Cheek Stick.

4. Linear and natural eyebrows

Brushed, disciplined and well drawn eyebrows for a refined look…

Dessin Des SourcilsDIORSHOW BROW STYLER GELSourcils Poudre

YSL eyebrow pencil, Diorshow brow styler gel, Diorshow eyebrow powder.

5. THE mascara

A suitable mascara to your lashes for a finished and enchanting look…

Diorshow Extase mascara

6. Nude and glossy lips

To complete your look, a touch of gloss on your lips for a « just bit » effect…

Dior Addict Lip Glow Volupté Tint-In-Oil

Dior addict lip glow, YSL volupté tint-in-oil.

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