All I wanted for Christmas was…

Hi guys!

I hope you are all having wonderful Christmas holidays, and that you’ve spent a good time so far. I have always dreamed about spending Christmas with my whole family in Guadeloupe, something I had never done before… this year. Thank you Santa, my wish was fulfilled…

Noël 2015 3

Stella and me, wearing beautiful dresses for Christmas Eve (she is wearing a dress from Les Petites, and me a Zara dress you’ve already seen here…)

In my family, there are no rules. Everybody say and do what they want, whatever, whenever and wherever it is. Sometimes it’s just fun, but it can also be… a total mess. Then again, our freedom is the most precious gift we own! 😀

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Texte: ©Emma PEDURAND / Photos: Hubert PEDURAND