Il Carpaccio… top ou flop?

Hi guys!

I don’t know if you’ve already been to the Royal Monceau on Avenue Hoche, but it is really worth it, whether you live in Paris or you’re just passing by. According to me,  it’s certainly one of the most prestigious but casual places of the city. It’s not too stilted, and you feel (rather) relaxed. So far, I had never been to Il Carpaccio, the Italian restaurant of the Palace. I was really glad to discover it  (thanks to Dad’ birthday!)!



The place is very elegant, fancy and tastefully decorated. The atmosphere is quite cozy, there are not many tables.

First, I took the (non-alcoholic) cocktail « Ispahan », inspired by the famous pastry of French cook Pierre Hermé, made of rose syrup, lemonade, ginger, raspberry and litchi.


The mix is gossamery and not too sweet, quite good.


I chose 2 courses from the suggestions (both with black truffles):  the Carpaccio and the Taglioni (the chef’s speciality, it’s actually a kind of spaghetti).


First, we had a little amuse-bouche, which was a bonito carpaccio with citrus.


While waiting for the first courses, I saw the impossible. A girl (white as a the floe)(she actually looked like a penguin) was wearing EXACTLY the same dress as me. And she was sitting next to my table. I was so surprised, schocked, vulnerable and caught off guard, that I absolutely did not what to do. So I decided to ignore her, and convince myself I was wearing it much better than her (and it was true). Is it already happened to you? How did you react?

When my first course arrived, there was no truffle on the carpaccio. It has been grated under my nose, where I could smell its wonderful flavor…

In fact, the dish was very good thanks to the beautiful, fresh products (Noix de St Jacques, truffles). Whithout being snobbish (I am objective), it was not exceptionnal.



Then came the main course: Taglioni with Parmeggiano and truffles.

It was directly prepared in the big lump of parmesan, and dressed in the plate in front of us. As a result, the cheese was melting, and with the freshly grated truffles, the dish became excellent.

For desert, I had the Tiramisu by Pierre Hermé. It actually is a revisited, remastered tiramisu, with a lot of coffee jelly on the top, which made it a bit too bitter for my taste. I had the opportunity to try an other desert: Infiniment citron,  made exclusively of lemon (meringues, jelly, foam,…). I admit that I prefered this one as the one I chose. But I’m absolutely fan of Tiramisu, and this one disappointed me.


CONCLUSION: Good dishes, good quality of products and nice place. But not exceptionnal.

WILL I COME BACK: Not immediately. And probably not this year. On the other hand, I would return gladly to La Cuisine, the other restaurant of the Royal Monceau… (you can read my article here)

>> I hope you liked this review, and  don’t hesitate to comment!


See you!



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