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Barcelona City Guide : Part 1

Hi guys!

I know I should rather talk about Fashion Week (which is about to end), but I just spent a few days in Barcelona, and I absolutely wanted to share this beautiful trip with you, in order to give you some tips and good places of the city, so that you could be ready to book directly your next holidays!

First, let me tell you that the best season to discover the city is in February-March, (afterwards  it becomes too crowded). Even though you can’t swim in the sea, you can still enjoy everything else that the city has to offer, such as monuments, parks, typical restaurants, shopping… and also the clement weather ;)!

For this part 1 of the trip, I will tell about a good place to stay in Barcelona: the W hotel*****, located at the seaside, in Barceloneta (an extremely overpopulated neighborhood in Summer because of its beach and bars!)

This modern hotel offers a great view of the Barcelona Bay, enjoyable from every room (even if your room is at the first floor).

The view from my first-floor-room at the W Hotel.


Thanks to the concierge of the hotel, I discovered Tapas 24, an excellent Tapas bar. This experience is totally worth it, even though I don’t know all the Tapas restaurants of Barcelona, this one is really delicious, and I think it’s part of Barcelona’s best Tapas restaurants.




I advise you to ask for the chef’s tasting menu. You will discover a typical Barcelona meal, including Iberic ham with tomato toasts, fresh orange juice, Bravas (french fries with a spicy sauce)…

IMG_1364 (1)
One of the three orange juices I took…!

I also advise you to ask for the house’s speciality: a small croque-monsieur with ham, grilled cheese and black truffles, simply delicious…but I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of this.

IMG_1371 (1)
Bombom de Calabaza= Diced pumpkin with ginger cream and lemon (desert)
IMG_1372 (1)
Chocolate ganache, olive oil and coarse salt

After eating at Tapas 24, it is cool to take a walk on the Ramblas (10 meters away from the restaurant), which are the greatest place for shopping in the city.


What is really a good deal in Barcelona (and in everywhere else in Spain) is to shop at Zara, because prices are quite lower and the choice is bigger again.

This is what I shopped…

Organic leather jacket, vintage jeans, floral top, striped sweaters (Zara), chokers, pins and patches (Stradivarius)


See you soon for the next part of my city guide!


Emma from


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