Top 10 things you need to be pretty

Because we were all born with a part of beauty, we should all be able to be pretty with a little makeup, we just need to know the right makeup and the right products that fit us.

To help you on this way to prettiness, here is the top 10 of my favourite beauty products, that make me feel more beautiful…

If you would like a tip regarding one of this products (how to use it, what color to choose, etc), don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments!

1. Clinique anti-blemish liquid makeup foundation This is the perfect foundation for a blemished skin! Not only it covers up all type of imperfections, but it’s also perfect to make it disappear! Long duration, very light, for every skin complexion (it exists in 18 tones!), this makeup foundation is no drawback.

2. Clinique pep-start (eye cream) This miracle eye cream reduces bags under the eyes, and its roll-on applicator makes it fun and easy to apply. It gives a pep touch to your look at each time of the day (whether it’s 9 am or 9 pm). Its matte finish makes it an ideal makeup base!

3. Dior color lip reviver balm Subtile and sophisticated, this lip balm is doubtless a very good match. It revives your natural lip color and makes your lips sweety and a little shiny!

4. YSL concealer It’s simply the best concealer I’ve ever tried! I can’t go without it! It perfectly rubs out your undereye bags and it’s easy to apply.

5. Dior blush  Leave a touch of this cherry powder on your cheeks to bring a good and healthy glow to your face. It’s a Spring must-have!

6. Diorshow mascara My unconditionnally beloved mascara, which is totally perfect in any circomstances.

7. Nude eye shadows palette A Sephora palette made of nude eye shadows for a natural everyday makeup.

8. Eyebrows powder It’s fundamental to sculpt your look and bring light to your eyes. I personally use the medium-brown eye shadow from my Sephora palette, whose color is perfect for eyebrows!

9. Miu Miu fragrance The same I use since its output in last October. (You have already seen it in this video about my winter essentials!)

10. Dior pink nailpolish It brings a glam touch to your nails! Moreover, pink is a hit color this season… (tone FRONT ROW)

I take it in the 03 tone (Fresh neutral), which is perfect for winter!


Photos by me

I hope this article was useful!

See you soon!


Emma from


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