Special lunch at The Peninsula

For my birthday I had the opportunity to eat at L’Oiseau blanc, the restaurant of parisian palace The Peninsula. I wanted to share this great experience with you, dear readers!

The restaurant is located at the 6th and last floor of the hotel. You will take the elevator, then you’ll be welcomed by a charming hostess who will take your coat and bring you to your table.

Once your drinks ordered, you can enjoy the beautiful view on Paris rooftops and Eiffel tower… Even though the sky was grey, it was good to see 🙂

The view from the roof top restaurant!

I chose a cocktail of red fruits (amazing) served with macadamia nuts and high-quality olives.

My red fruits cocktail!

Then the waiter will bring you the menu. You have to choose between 2 menus: Starter-Main course or Main course-Dessert (59 €) and Starter-Main course-Dessert (69€). As gourmand as I am, guess wich one I chose!

The courses are elaborated with fresh and high-quality products from local producers. The menu is constantly evolving – it changes every 3 days! So that you can be sure you’ll never see twice the same thing on the menu (except the famous « L’Envol » dessert, the signature of the restaurant!)

I ordered oilcakes as a starter, then a poultry, and « L’Envol » as a dessert (I could not miss it!)

Oilcakes, green tea mayonnaise and aloe vera jelly.

The starter was fresh and very good. Oilcakes weren’t too strong in taste, and the aloe vera jelly was just incredible! I would totally recommend this recipe – it’s pretty easy to do at home (except maybe for the jelly…:P)

These were the starters ordered by my family: on the left; pomegranate jelly, mackerel and sardines with golden sesame, on the right; grenn aspargus, a poultry ravioli and… oh, I don’t remember what!!

Here comes the main course: poultry sweety!!

Poultry, turnips, loquats, potatoes and almonds

I liked it, although it was not exceptionnal. The poultry was really well cooked and the sides very good too. Maybe not that original but… I know I’m very complicated!


I really appreciated the nice attention of the restaurant for my birthday: a little candle that they put on my dessert!

Besides this, the dessert was excellent, it was a match of raspberries and dark chocolate. Since I’ve always enjoyed this combination, I knew I would like this dessert too!

Conclusion: I recommend this restaurant to everyone, the friendly and professionnal staff, the tasty and modern kitchen, the very good quality/price ratio, which is extremely rare in Paris, and obviously the wonderful view!

P.S: Come back when the weather will be warmer, so that you’ll can enjoy the terrace of the restaurant!

>> I hope this article was useful!

See you!



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