Shopping for a sunbath

Hi guys!

Summer is coming and you still don’t have THE perfect swimsuit that suits you perfectly? Don’t panic! Here you will find the trendiest swimsuits (both one-piece and bikinis) of the season (and also my favourite ones!)

  •  Happy Yellow.

This is one of the most fashionable colors for swimsuits, and also the one that will make  your sun tanning look even more beautiful.

The favorite item: The Tangiers model by Bower Swimwear, 169€

  • Tropical macrame.

Macrame swimsuits are more up-to-date than ever, and tropical spirit (another main trend of the season) makes it colourful and fun. Each trendy brand offers at least one model… it’s you to choose yours.

The favorite item: Tommy Hilfiger (show model), 290€

  • Little house on the prairie.

You just have to put a white and girly  lace bikini to feel like you were back in the 18th century… Incredible, right?

The item: She Made Me, 232€


If all you want is a fun swimsuit to fully enjoy summer…then this trend is for you! Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a pop-inspired bikini to cheer you up (especially if this one is tagged by Moschino…)!

The favorite item: Moschino, 100 €

  • By the sea…

Fishes are always a good idea when you’re on a diet if you want to show your love for marine wildlife through an original swimsuit. Although aquatic patterns are not that commonplace yet, they will probably become one of the hootest beach trends in the following months…

The favorite item: A gorgeous one-piece swimsuit by & Other Stories, around 50€

  • Eye-catching.

Eyes patterns have become mainstream in fashion for months now, and the trend is not about to be over! With this wonderful bikini by Love Stories Intimates, you will feel comfy and glam at the same time.

The favorite item: Love Stories, 110€ (Galeries Lafayette, BHV and online)


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>> So, which one(s) do you prefer?

See you!


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