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Illustration battle: paper VS IPad

I recently started to draw on an IPad Pro and got to use it for my illustrations. Although I am completely in favor of drawing on paper and hooked on the fascinating sensation it provides, I have to say that technology (and more precisely the Apple Pencil one) is also a good way to express  our creativity. Procreate is a great app for any kind of art drawing, both easy to use and professional.

Have you ever tried it? What do you prefer? Do you think that the contact with paper and pencil is paramount to express creativity fully, or that on the contrary a creative person should be able to work on every platform? Would you consider the screen as a boundary or as an optimized, super functional way to make art?

In my opinion, each has advantages and drawbacks. We can use the tablet wherever we are, take it with us when we’re leaving, let us led by inspiration… It  can be used as well for a quick sketch as for a thorough paint. But though Apple Pencil technology is very advanced, nothing can sub for the contact of real pencils and paper to me.

Here, illustrations on paper…


…and there, illustrations on IPad:

>>So, what’s your opinion? Do you think that people will continue to use paper for their art even with the increase of super powerful, advanced technologies?


2 comments on “Illustration battle: paper VS IPad

  1. Bouillo

    Je préfère sur le papier

    Aimé par 1 personne

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