En province

Hello guys!

There’s nothing better than spending time in the French countryside to have some rest and recharge your batteries, breathing some fresh air! It’s been a few days since I am in Burgundy where I will be staying until the end of August, and I have to say that la province (which means in the Parisian language everywhere in France except Paris) cheers me up more than I could ever have imagined!

This look was shooted in a charming little village lost in the fields… I hope you’ll like it!


I was wearing:

A jumpsuit from Hollister, a vintage belt, my go-to Ray Ban sunglasses, a fringed bag from Bel Air and a pair of Zara gladiator sandals.

 «Attachons-nous à reconnaitre le caractère si précieux de chaque journée. » – Dalai Lama