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Even if we’d prefer not to talk about it, the fact remains that vacation is over and it is time to go back to school… But cheer you up! Life goes on, and so does fashion! So today’s post will deal with a very current topic: my essentials for a perfectly stylish back to school.

  • Chiara Ferragni backpack


I will never get tired of it: the already iconic Chiara Ferragni backpack is a must-have that goes with absolutely everything. It is the « geek chic » touch that will make an outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary, and become pop and girly if you add a colourful pompom to it (such as the one above).

Available on

  • Ipad Pro


I use it for everything! Taking pictures, drawing (with its pen), writing, listening to music, surfing the Internet, edit videos… It’s certainly the most important item among all my essentials. Moreover it’s so practical and lightweight that you can take it wherever you go!

Available in any Apple Store and on the Apple website!

  • Arty workbooks


What if those pretty, colourful workbooks could have a positive impact on your mood?

Bakker made with love workbooks, available at the BHV

  • Fine jewelry


Whether you have a job or you are still at school, the finer is your jewelry, the better it is! I devote an unconditionnal love to my golden Creole that my grandmother gave me when I was a young child…I can wear them in every circumstances, either at school or at a party! Such timeless jewelry must be very high-quality then you will keep it throughout your life…!

These necklaces are my lucky charms! I like to wear them seperately or all together if they are the my only jewelry. From left to right: Vintage golden chain and pearl, Frey Will enamel and gold lucky charm, Swarovski necklace.
I bought those cheap rings at Etam in an emergency… I was actually looking for some rings to wear at a wedding to which I was invited the same night… Although it’s not good quality, they are trendy and have that effect…
Those little cat earrings are absolutely adorable and fun! You can wear them both are just one that you will match with a small creole for an original look that will surely be noticed…Les Néréides cat earrings, vintage golden creoles.
I love the bright colour of that earrings, which will bring a girly yet fancy touch to your look. On the left: Les Néréides eye earrings, Bala Boosté earrings (available at the BHV)
Those pretty beaded little earrings are perfect to match with any outfit. They will make you turn into a granny mood, which is by the way one of the leading current trends. On the left: Zag creoles, Bala Boosté earrings.
  • A customized agenda


This DIY agenda is very easy: pick some pictures you like (from your holidays, illustrations, inspirations…), make the layout on Photoshop and print it! Then you can add some soft goods to personalize it even more! The most important is that it must reflect your personality!

  • Black varnished derbies


They are an essential of any wardrobe, and perfect to make an outfit fancy in any circumstances! They will be your best friend when back to school!

Cosmoparis derbies, available on, at the BHV and in every Cosmoparis shop!

  • A modern tuxedo jacket


Made with wool, this fancy grey jacket is both classical and original. The illusion of sleeves rolled up make it casual, while its relaxed fit will make you feel as if you had picked it from your boyfriend.

Zara jacket, Bala Boosté pine

  • A soft and girly sweater


This cashmere sweater from Zara is deliciously beautiful. Its candy pink makes it very fashionable, while the crewneck fit brings the originality to the item.

  • A squared cardigan


Maybe not very essential, but certainly very cool! This cardigan will become a statement item of your wardrobe this Fall!

Kookai cardigan (available at the BHV)

  • A small backpack


Small backpacks are one of the main bag trends, and this one from Zara (yeah, I know) is the cutest ever! Its couture look makes it stylish and easy to wear.

> And you, what are your back to school essentials? Are you a geek chic addict?

See you!





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