Que porter cet automne?

Hellooo everyone!

Do you guys feel like super excited when new collections are in stores? And it’s Fall that’s why you are  crying and thinking about the possibility to move to Tahiti  just out of sorts so you feel like buying everything to cheer yourself up? Well, that’s pretty much the way I feel right now. This is the perfect time for an Autumn wishlist! If you too want to update your wardrobe, this can give you ideas of fashionable items right in the  trend you might like!

  • Bodysuits

img_1002Image 6 de BODY À PIÈCES ET PAILLETTES de Zara

Bodysuits are a must-have this season! We like them for their 90s style, terribly trendy! You can match it with a wise skirt (just like the picture above), with destroyed (or normal) jeans for a grunge look or even with evening pants if you are tired of little black dresses! You guessed it, bodysuits are needed for  F/W 16-17…

Body 1: Maje, Body 2: Zara.

  • Kenzo X H&M items (in stores on November 3rd!)

It’s the collab that makes all the fashion sphere crazy! And for good reasons: Almost 70 items created by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim (the now famous duo of creative designers at Kenzo) for the Swedish master of low-cost clothes! It gives zebra-patterned sweaters, maxi floral skirts, and a lot of beautiful other things under 100€ among which that gorgeous pair of gloves!

  • A colourful silk shirt

They are absolutely everywhere, and we love them for that Seventies wind they blow into our wardrobe! I am particularly fond of those two ones, so retro and trendy! I agree they aren’t very easy to match, but worn with a pair of jeans, black boots and a wool coat they rock!

First shirt: Maison Scotch, Yellow shirt: The Kooples.

  • A  big pastel sweater

These baby color sweaters are cute chewable! And amazingly comfortable on top of that… They are the sweaters we’ll go crazy for in the months to come! Worn with high-waisted jeans and white sneakers, they will make you feel like a (trendy) barley sugar!

Pink sweater: Sandro, Blue sweater: Maje.

  • Maje vinyl bag


I had already spotted it a few times, but this time I made my decision: I absolutely need that bag! Easy to wear since small, practical, a bit rock’n’roll and definitely super trendy, I am sure it will make you envious as much as I am!

  • A retro white shirt


This pretty white shirt is  essential to any feminine wardrobe. Moreover, the discreet victorian details around the neck and at the end of the sleeves make it truly irresistible. We also love it for its vintage look, and it rocks when worn with a grunge sweatshirt!

White shirt: Claudie Pierlot.

  • Leo Studio Design sneakers


I wanted to present you a creative brand I discovered this week: the name is Leo Studio Design and their motto is to make colorful and fun clothes, shoes and bags for affordable prices! I admit the shoes are my favorite, since, you know…my passion for shoes! They also make heels and slip-ons but the sneakers are much easier to wear and soooooo cool!

To see their whole shoe collection, click here

I hope you enjoyed this wishlist and that maybe it made you want to go shopping again!;)



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