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At ROKA, London

London may not be famous for its cuisine, but nese restaurants are (most of the time) pretty good there.


I have been lucky to try one of those during my stay: it’s called ROKA, and it’s located on Charlotte Street, not far from Covent Garden (but there are a few more adresses across the city). One thing about it is great: if you arrive amongst the first clients you will be served almost immediately, which is perfect if you don’t have that much time to eat.


This modern izakaya features a big grill in the middle of the room, but the kitchens are located behind the curtains so we can’t really see what’s going on with our plates!

We first ordered an assortment of sushis, beef gyogas, crab California and fried shrimps California.

All the dishes were truly fine and subtle and incredibly tasty. We even ordered the same gyozas and California twice (in addition to the main courses to come) since it was SO good! A real pleasure for the taste buds.

I had an iced green tea cocktail, a bit too iced for me but still quite good.


The main courses came all at the same time: we had some fabulous wagyu beef, pork caramelized ribs, but also a rice and truffles hot pot (which was kind of a risotto). A thousand different yet harmonized flavours were exploding into my mouth… It was such a magical experience!

A few times later came the desserts: we ordered a dark chocolate pudding with Matcha heart,an « apple bamboo » (??), something with coconut and passion fruit, and the last one was made of guava and..I don’t remember what (sorry 😬). Mine was the chocolate and Matcha pudding: it was excellent. I even tried to do it back home, but I’m not a professional so the thing wasn’t really the same in the plate… nor in the mouth! I think ROKA has a professional baker 👨‍🍳 because desserts usually aren’t so good in Japanese restaurants…

Roka is defenitly a great restaurant. Come back? Yes, willingly.

See you!



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