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At the Sketch, London

London is not famous for its food…that’s why French restaurants emerge everywhere in  town! I have been lucky to try one of them: the Sketch.The decor of the Sketch is absolutely wonderful.. I had discovered this restaurant a few months ago in the pages of Vogue, and I was eager to go there since it looked fabulous! And that’s basically what happened.

We had dinner in the Gallery, with its pale pink decor and humoristic drawings… It’s such a magical place!

On the menu: a mix of European and Asian flavours, between fish and chips and udon noodles (as seen on my article about Kunitoraya here).

To begin with, the cocktails are AMAZING. I had a (non-alcoholic) cocktail made of elderflower, ginger ale and lemon. Very tasty xith not too much sugar. I also tasted their Version of the Bloody Mary, which was just as delicious.

Then arrived the bread and butter, just to wait until the starters (but note that all the siders are to order besides).

As a strater, I had the red tuna sashimi (a signature dish of the maison) with mango, apple and tofu. Very refreshful and good.

But obviously I also tasted my neighbours’ dishes…

They all were excellent.

No long after came the main courses…

I ordered the Udon noodles (as you know my passion for japanese food…).

Udon noodles, garlic, sesam paste, tofu, pearl onions, Paris mushrooms. The crispy mushrooms were just to die for!!! Moreover the bouillon was really tasty and well flavoured.
This is their version of the fish and chips: matchstick potatoes, coleslaw, ketchup and Pollock. Another signature dish that delights our taste buds!

Between the mains and the desserts, I went for a walk to the toilets and look what I came accross…

Where can I spend a penny?

An impressive room upstairs filled with giant eggs!!! And inside those eggs… the toilets.

What an inginious, avant-garde and creative vision of the sanitary room! Don’t you think?

When I came back to my seat, the napkin was (of course) folded.

And then arrived the desserts…

I had the « Yosuke », a meringue dusted with green Matcha tea, cheesecake cream, dragon fruit syrup, aloe vera and cubes of coconut cream. Behind that enchanting title, a good dessert but not really exceptionnal, with an almost tasteless syrup (I wouldn’t have noticed the dragon fruit  if I hadn’t read it before…) and no trace of Matcha. A bit disappointing.

In my neighbours’ plates: a So British; made of mint, white chocolate, cranberry and shiso leaves. These is one of those desserts that are good after one bite, but not two. « It tastes like toothpaste » said my sister. I have to admit she was not wrong.

The last dessert I tasted was the Beaubourg: a trio of sorbets with exotic flavours. Once more, good but not fabulous.

CONCLUSION: Although the desserts were not amazing, the rest of the meal was. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone: even if only for the fantastic decor, it’s worth a try.

Don’t hesitate to share your food experiences in the comments, and I would be grateful if you had any other restaurants to recommend in London for the next time I’ll go there!

And soon to come: my review about Japanese restaurant ROKA!

See you soon for more adventures!



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