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Party season looks

Hello ladies!

I know I’ve been a little absent on the blog lately, but this time of retreat was necessary to me. It was the right moment to focus on something else, like my creativity capacities and how I could show it, both on the blog and through my fashion sketches. So I’m very likely to come up with new things pretty soon 😉

Anyway, I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas! I assume that  you are currently thinking about New Year’s Eve preparations, and one of the main issues is the way you will dress on that special evening…

If you don’t have any idea of an outfit yet, don’t panic! I have a few suggestions that might help you. I hope you’ll get inspired by my looks!

  • À la Parisienne



Being comfortable while remaining chic is your motto? My advice is to play it subtle: a pretty bodysuit with plumetis for its elegant and sexy look, high-waisted jeans for the comfort, and a pair of black shiny high-heeled sandals to complete this party outfit!

Top Tip: Don’t overlook the make-up: it must stay natural but highlight the part of your face of your choice (either the eyes or the mouth). Never do it together: for exemple a smokey eye doesn’t match with a red lip and vice versa. Remember: don’t overdo it!

Maje bodysuit, Giambattista Valli x 7 for all mankind jeans, Cosmoparis sandals, Les Néréides cat ring.
  • Bold & Sparkling


You’d like to be dazzling and catch every eye? This outfit is definitely made for you! Don’t be afraid of mixing different stripes and sparkles, New Year’s Eve is also aimed to push you out of your daily routine and try unusual combinations!! Be careful though… With such a unique and amazing outfit, make-up can be dangerous! So don’t overdo it: a dark lip may be perfect, but do nothing with your eyes!!!

Top Tip: Dare to be avant-garde. Make a game of using Spring/ Summer items by wearing them with other Winter pieces of cloth: not only you will wow your freinds, but the result will be so unexpected that you will appear like the trendiest fashionista ever! For example, I bought this (gorgeous)  Maje skirt last Summer and I wear it in Winter with heavier clothes such as a turtleneck sweater and boots.

  • Rock’n’roll with flat shoes


If you rather feel the soul of a night bird, you will certainly like this look. Running from nightclubs to bars and parties, your outfit has to be comfortable without going unnoticed. That’s why those preppy velvet slippers from Parisian brand Chatelles are perfect to remain elegant while feeling like in real home slippers! Add to it a Moulin Rouge velvet dress (if you too are addicted to velvet right now please raise your hand), a single earring (my dream one!)  from Italian designer Delfina Delettrez (a cousin of the Fendi sisters), and don’t forget to go out with a leather jacket on the shoulders (it’s not time to catch a cold…)!

Top Tip: For a maximised Rock’n’roll attitude, don’t wash your hair on that day but rather opt for a dry shampoo that will add great volume to your hair! (Mine is from Sephora)

  • A little black dress can save a life. Always have one in your closet.
  • However, color can be appreciable (you’re not going to funerals!)
  • But still, black doesn’t always mean you’re going to funerals: it can be very smart and original.
  • Even more if you wear it with colored accessories.
  • Furthermore, you can’t go wrong with black. You just have to wear it properly. Everything is in the attitude.
  • But the world is too wonderful to be reduced to wear one single, dull color…
I could go on for hours… I hope  you got what I mean…

Black is beautiful. But black isn’t all.

> I hope you enjoyed this article, and that perhaps it gave you some ideas for your next party outfits!

See you!



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