One-of-a-kind shoes that can make you stand out from the crowd

Everyone wants to look like everybody. But you’re not everybody, right?

You’re different than your neighbour, and so does everyone. You just have to take conscious of that unicity. It will make you stronger.

So stop fear off and dare to be eccentric: take the most pioneering shoes you can find in your closet, put them on and walk proudly.

Plus, eccentric shoes can be just the right item to make a whole look stand out from the crowd: all you have to do is put on a pair of jeans, a sweater and a black coat; the shoe will do the rest. Your outfit will immediately go from super common to super unexpected.

Here is a selection  of the shoes that should make you feel out of the mainstream…


Whether those are « classical » python boots or funky fake croco slippers, reptile shoes will instantly give your look an unconventionnal betterment.

If those are rather classical (like these ones from Sandro), it will bring an eclectic yet elegant touch to your look, added to a very Parisian sense of style. It can also be vintage or bohemian, depending on the way you wear them.


If the ones you like are more of a British genre (crocodile leather– flashy colour), well don’t hesitate to wear them with other patterned clothes such as a vintage granny shirt with a flowered skirt with straps, or even with a leopard coat or bright tights! Fashion belongs to those who create it!


Their comfort is certainly the reason why most people love them so much. But the slippers are also the perfect shoes not to go unnoticed! Someone wearing a pair of slippers in the street  will indisputably be taken for a trend-setter. The GUCCI ones (remastered by Alessandro Michele) were the fist to send the trend a few years ago. But your goal is definitely not to let people know that you’re aware of what’s doing in fashion right now. On the contrary. You want them know not only that you  don’t care about fashion, but also that YOU make fashion.


Those are incontestably my favorite ones! They are still slippers (which has been the main shoe trend for the last past two years), but they are SO pioneering and chic! That’s clearly everything but déja-vu.


It’s simply the hottest trend of the season. One of the most efficient way to make it yours is to choose a pair of velvet shoes.

Add some chic à la française to your outfit and feel like a duchess at Versailles while wearing those soft, smooth and elegant velvet shoes.

From left to right: Anthropologie, Chatelles, Russel & Bromley, Chatelles.

You can also be different by putting on some sparkled / animal / PVC/ Fur flats or heels, or any of the ones below…


I hope this article helped you realise first that each of us is able to go off the beaten tracks (it’s just a matter of will!) and that different is the best thing that one could be! Eccentric shoes will help you achieve that level of self-confidence and perhaps will make you a (real) trend-setter.



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