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Wear waterproof 

With « …. » I feel invincible.
With « …. » I feel (almost) invisible.
My « …. » is generous; « …. » doesn’t mind to fade away so that others could be emphasized.
« …. » allows me to stay true to myself.
Above all,  I can carry …. on every rainy day (which means half of the year in Paris).
But I love « …. » most because of the mysterious, intriguing look « …. » conveys, and because with « …. » I can never go unnoticed, nor ever be normal

Guessed what I was talking about?


This one from Zara immediately caught my eye thanks to its transparency that makes it both interesting  and  unique! You can match it with your entire wardrobe, and so play with different layers! It is suitable to any outfit, even to the chicest one. You can be sure it will enlighten any look, bringing it a special touch.

Now you needn’t shift your style on days of rain anymore, this translucent raincoat is solution to all of your style issues! Wearing it will make you feel true to yourself, and remain fashionable in any circumstances.

Here are a few outfits I imagined, featuring the famous raincoat! I hope it will give you some ideas about how to wear yours…

  • Casual chic (with items from my wardrobe!)

          This look is easy-to-wear, cool, comfortable and fashionable!

Image 38

  • Urban & trendy

    This outfit is perfect for bold, wild-hearted  fashionistas! 

Image 40

  • Pop Romanticism

Here the  pastel tones reflect the sensitivity of female youth, while the black feathers necklace symbolizes the very assurance of the one who wears it. The art of contrast is key; play it as if you were a character issued from a romantic drama!

Image 39

On the pictures below is another way to match this raincoat… Be inspired! (Photos were taken in Normandie, and YES it was raining… 😂☔️)


>>> So, do you feel ready to convert to transparency?

Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comments below!!

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