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Melody of our minds.

« Resting at the country regardless of the pressure of towns

Feeling the magic of a dark blue midnight sky full of stars

Breathing the timelessness of a land that’s still untapped

And letting noiselessly flow the melody of our minds with spiritual doubts »

Yes, we do have doubts. Doubts about the future being as soft and easy as the present. Doubts about our planet being the only one that’s ever known life among a hundred billions of others in our very galaxy. Doubts about our ability to make a difference. Doubts about our beliefs. About us feeling powerful in an overwhelming reality. In an overwhelming universe which we doubt we would someday know more about. Doubts about us ever discovering the Truth.

Yet we manage to overcome those doubts. This is thanks to a cocktail of wisdom and hope; we become wise by learning to feel grateful for the very moment we live, while we secretly hope we’ll can do the same right afterwards.

I fancy that we should all choose to follow the path of wisdom and try to enjoy the pleasant moments that life puts on our way. I love spending holidays at the countryside, since as far as I remember it has always enabled me to think deeply about the world we live in, and so shift the way I see it. My vision is always different when I return. The ability to make us evolve and grow is a priceless present the countryside gives us; now we simply need to figure out how to use it so as to take advantage of it.

Older people often think young people’s minds are filled up with irrealistic dreams without an ounce of good sense. I admit this is partially true. But I also believe there is no age for dreaming nor age to be sensible and at peace.

We must all hope, dream, be creative. Because there is room for everyone’s craziest dream to be realized in this world. And because this is what keeps us alive.

Feel thankful.

Dream big.

Enjoy youth!


I’m wearing: Brandy Melville top, ASOS skirt, Unisa shoes, Fragonard Parfums necklace, DIOR sunglasses. Apolline (in the middle) is wearing: Calvin Klein bralette, Brandy Melville top and pants, Claudie Pierlot bag, Dior So Real Pop sunglasses, Karine Arabian heels. Stella (on the right) is wearing: Free People top, 7 for all Mankind boyfriend jeans, UGG flip flops, Dior So Real Pop sunglasses. Makeup with: Diorskin Nude Air powder (040), Dior addict lacquer stick (984), Dior eyeliner, Diorshow Extase mascara, Benefit eyebrow powder, Chanel Les Beiges blush (n°21)


2 comments on “Melody of our minds.

  1. J’adore le message qui est passé ici. Très belle écriture ! Toujours rêver grand, tel est ma devise ! Aha 😘 Continue Emma j’adore 🌸


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